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Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and may vary in color subject to their kind. Ticks are generally not especially large in size with the adult being around 1 cm long (smaller than a sunflower seed) and the larvae could be less than 1 mm long. Our tick control Columbus experts can help you figure out what type of tick it is when we come to inspect or treat your property.

The surroundings of your own home may even depict any possible tick issues; it really is common to find them invading lawns and buildings in the vicinity of heavy wooded areas or considerably vegetated locations. Specific tick species demand a specific amount of moisture in order to survive, in addition to blood for nourishment; from critters or people.

The life cycle of ticks consists of four distinct stages. The egg, larvae, nymph as well as adult. They begin with 6 legs when larvae and have eight legs through the final stages. No matter the life-cycle stage, they need blood to live. Some bacteria and pathogens can cause ailments and given to a host or even the infected animal.

Signs of a Columbus Tick Invasion

It’s simple to realize ticks invading your own private space. Households with pets tend to be at higher risk for a tick infestation. Some people who encounter tick bites might deal with significant side effects which can be cared for by a doctor.

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